Do Quality, Fresh Ingredients Really Make a Dish Better?

At Daniel's Kitchen in Selah, WA, we believe so

Traditional American fare doesn't have to be filled with frozen ingredients and microwaved dishes. Come taste the difference quality makes by bringing your appetite to Daniel's Kitchen in Selah, WA.

Whether you're looking for a delectable dish before a night out on the town or you want to swing by and grab a homemade breakfast, you'll wonder why you didn't try Daniel's Kitchen sooner.

Learn how great food can be when it's made from scratch

Because we like to showcase our love for high-quality and fresh ingredients, we make virtually everything in-house to take our dishes to the next level. We work hard to ensure everything that can be made from scratch is made in our kitchen.

At Daniel's Kitchen, we cut our own meats, batter our own food, roast our own chickens and make our soup, salads and dressings from scratch. Come to our Selah, WA, location and satisfy your taste buds with a French dip supreme for lunch or prime rib for dinner. Whichever delicacies you choose, you'll be able to taste the difference between us and the other guys.

Fresh food also makes a difference at your catered event!

Imagine being able to impress guests with delicious homemade cuisine that is sure to send their taste buds into a frenzy. Make that a reality by letting Daniel's Kitchen cater your next wedding, corporate lunch or other special occasion.

Worry more about having a good time and less about whether people are enjoying the food by choosing the fresh, quality dishes from Daniel's Kitchen.

We pride ourselves on bringing delectable homemade fare to Selah residents combined with exceptional customer care. By making practically all of our menu items in-house and ensuring you feel right at home in our restaurant, we're changing how Washington thinks of American inspired fare.

If you're ready to taste the difference fresh, quality ingredients make, come to Daniel's Kitchen in Selah, WA, and satisfy your appetite.

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